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Welcome, You have landed on our How to win souls in Personal evangelism seminar page. That means you are ready to learn how to actually lead any unsaved person to Pray and receive Jesus Christ as Savior.

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You will learn precisely what to say and do when unsaved people raise common objections to receiving Jesus as Lord. Common objections like:

“I don’t believe in the Bible”.
“I don’t believe in Heaven”.
“I don’t believe in Hell”.
“I don’t believe in Jesus”.
“I don’t believe in God”.
“The Church is full of hypocrites”.

And many more objections like it.

You will learn how to share a simple, scripted biblically strategized salvation gospel presentation that goes far beyond the whole idea of just sharing your faith.

This will empower you to help you evangelize your personal circle of influence by learning how to lead any unsaved person to a salvation relationship with Jesus Christ.

By completing the Online registration form as mentioned in our video you will gain access to our online training video,  This is also where we ask for a small Fee of $19.95 to help expand this ministry.  Once registered, you will be able to log into our secure area and view this and any new videos.

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