About Dr. Price

A word about Dr. Brent Price. He grew up in Lockhart, Texas, a wonderful little farm and ranch community where he was a member of the United Methodist Church. When he was a young adult living in Beaumont, Texas he began visiting a glorious Southern Baptist Church named Calvary Baptist and first heard the salvation gospel as never before. A few years later in Hollywood, California prayed and accepted Him as Savior and his life was changed forever.

In time, Brent was called to become the Minister to Singles at that time the largest Southern Baptist Church in California, First Baptist Van Nuys. As the 1984 Olympics approached, a ministry named Lay Witness For Christ was going to headquarter at First Baptist and was going to take people to witness at the Olympic Village. Brent partnered with Lay Witness and helped lead an outreach to the Olympic Village and there learned how to lead any unsaved person to Christ. The initial outreach was for three hours, but he felt lead to go back to the Olympic Village on his own and personally led 107 people to decisions for Christ in the next few days.

The Biblical Strategized Salvation Gospel Presentation that is the key to leading any unsaved person to their decision to receive Jesus Christ as Savior was first developed at this life changing Evangelistic outreach at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, California. For many years his one of a kind Seminar entitled How To Win Souls In Personal Evangelism was taught live in Churches and is now available on the internet for private training and equipping.

He later became Pastor of the Beverly Hills Community Church in Beverly Hills, California, where he served for 23 wonderful years. Brent resigned to fully devote his time teaching, training and equipping Christians, irrespectiv of their Church or Denomination affiliation, how to actually lead the lost and unsaved to receive Jesus as Savior.